Friday, March 14, 2014

Should You Buy Green Coffee Beans Extract

Choosing the right weight loss supplement can be difficult because of the overwhelming products in the market. Dr. Oz introduced green coffee because he believed it is among the safest yet effective supplement in the market today.

It is natural because it came from coffee fruit just like ordinary coffee. The difference between green coffee and ordinary coffee is the roasting process. Green coffee did not undergo any roasting process to preserve chlorogenic acid, the important element in promoting weight less.

Chlorogenic hinder the release of glucose in the body thus triggering the body to utilize stored fats particularly in the liver. This is the reason why people lose weight even they are not exercising.

Our body uses glucose as fuel or energy and this can be obtain from carbohydrates. Excess glucose will be converted into glycogen to the muscle and liver while others will be converted as fat in adipose tissues.

You gain weight when you have excess glucose in the body and your liver has low fat metabolism.

This is where chlorogenic contributes to weight loss because it stops glucose release thus preventing the body from storing more fat. What’s more interesting is green coffee also boost fat metabolism in the liver helping your body to burn fat effectively.

You cannot get the same effect in ordinary coffee because the roasting process destroys certain chemicals in the beans including chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee beans extract have other health benefits. It is a potent antioxidant making it perfect for the body as it neutralizes free radicals particularly carcinogen components.
It also boosts your cardiovascular health because it reduces plasma homocycteine. Individuals with high plasma are at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Green coffee extract also regenerate Vitamin E which in effect prevents the degradation of LDL giving you healthier cardiovascular system.

Different studies have been conducted and showed green coffee ability to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. There were not side effects and both systolic and diastolic lowers significantly. Findings also showed it can save the body from atherosclerosis.

Those who took green coffee extract consistently have lower risk of developing Diabetes 2. This is because chlorogenic acid stabilizes blood sugar level.
When purchasing green coffee extract, you need to observe few characteristics:
  •   Svetol or GCA label
  •   FDA certified
  •   Chlorogenic Acid 45%
  • Vegetarian Capsule

Do not be sway by cheap or expensive prices because these companies may compromise the quality of green coffee extract.

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