Friday, March 14, 2014

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

When Dr. Oz introduced green coffee beans in his show, He is convinced that the product is effective and safe for consumption. As much as Dr. Oz wants to make money, as a doctor the safety and health of their client is still important.

The first study on green coffee was conducted using 16 participants for 3 months under the report of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.

Since there were only limited studies on green coffee beans at that time, Dr. Oz conducted his own experiment to see the effectiveness of these unroasted beans.
He asked the help of Dr.Caroline Apovian and expert dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick to help monitor the experiment. He recruited 100 women with the following criteria:
  • Age between 35-49
  • Overweight
  • No underlying diseases such as heart problems or diabetic
  • Not pregnant

The women were either given pure green coffee extract or placebo. They received a daily dose of 400mg capsule three times daily 30 minutes before meals.

The experiment lasted for two weeks and at the end of the experiment, individuals who are given green coffee extract lost 2 pounds while the placebo group lost only 1 pound.

How does it work?
Contrary to popular beliefs, the chemical that leads to weight loss is not caffeine but chlorogenic acid. It reduces the release of glucose in the body triggering the body to use its stored fat to fuel your body.

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant and it detoxifies toxins while helping the body burn fat. The taste of chlorogenic is bitter and any supplement that tastes sweet or contains strong coffee smell is not high grade supplement.

There are capsules that contain 200mg up to 800mg and it depends on your preference. You can start small and eventually upgrade the dosages as your body adjusts.
Take the capsule 30 minutes before meal and this mean taking it three times a day with full glass of water.

How to Pick the Right Green Coffee Extract
There are plenty of fake and low quality green coffee products. You need to be careful when buying because some are not worth your money.
Make sure the product you are buying contains the following:

-         Label Coffee Bean Extract
-         FDA certified
-         45% Chlorogenic Acid
-         Money Back Guarantee
-         Vegetarian capsule
-         Made in USA

There is no such thing as magic pill for weight loss and this include green coffee extract. Long term weight loss requires you to establish healthy behaviors such as exercising and eating right. Green coffee is a supplement that will effectively help you achieve that goal.

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